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Price Guides PROFESSIONAL EDITION Price Guide:
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For 2017, Brookstone Publishing is offering the 9th edition of the Price Guide for Canadian Coins - PROFESSIONAL EDITION - now 632 pages in size with 2,600 new listings added!  This guide has been designed for the more demanding collector that wants to know as much as possible about the market place for Canadian coins.  
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The extensive price tables and coin listings found in this price guide give considerable insight into the market not available in any other sources.  Pricing for thousands of variety coins and hundreds of after market coins can also be found in this guide.  These and other features make it the most comprehensive single source available for Canadian coins.  
Basic Edition
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A significant change for this issue is the pricing tables of Collector coins.  Trades of NGC and PCGS certified coins now set the basis of these tables, as they account for over 99% of the certified Collector coins that now trade.  Another notable change is the inclusion of Courteau Numbers 251 to 319 for Tokens of Nova Scotia in both the Tokens and Provincial Coins sections.
1912 Breton Reprint
Bank Notes A major source of input for setting the pricing found in this edition is 80,000 trades that were captured in this past pricing cycle.  These trades range from tokens to provincial coins to business coins to collector and bullion coins.  They were, collected from eBay® and various major auctions such as and Heritage Auctions.  Since the first issue of this guide, over 330,000 trades have been used to set the values found in these tables.  
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Pricing for over 9,000 Business Denomination coins and sets minted since 1858; and over 3,200 Collector coins, Gold coins, Bullion Coins and associated sets.
Pricing for High Grade Mint State, Proof Like and Specimen coins from 1¢ through to $1 minted from 1858 to 2015, along with copper eye appeal grades of Brown, Red/Brown, Red and Gem Red; and silver and nickel eye appeal grades of Gem (Premium Quality) and Ultra Gem (Premium Quality Plus).  Also included are Cameo, Heavy Cameo and Ultra Heavy Cameo prices for copper, nickel and silver coins.
Pricing for nearly 750 different Provincial coins and sets minted from 1823 to 1947, and nearly 1,600 different Tokens minted from 1670 to 1893.
A 30 page section that helps collectors see the how prices for basic business denomination coins have changed from the previous issue of this guide, as well as the cumulative change over the past eight years.
Over 13,500 listings representing more than 15,400 different coins and sets using nearly 129,000 price points!
A section that contains price changes over the past eight years for basic coin prices, using the last our issues of this guide.
Images that help with identifying the different obverses for Victorian 1-cent and 5- cents coins.  Basics on coin collecting and  grading, along with obverse images for grading.

Other features in this book is a chapter that helps collectors better understand the market place and how to find value in collecting coins.  In another section, an explaination is given of how pricing works in the market place.  Listings for counterfeit coins, replica coins, and altered coins are included in order to increase collector awareness of these items, as well as to help collectors be on gaurd against any misrepresentation of them.  There are also listings for counter stamped coins and after market coins.  For grading, obverse images can be seen for coins minted from 1858 to 1989, and an appendix includes images to help identify obverse varieties of Victorian 1-cent and 5-cents coins.  Illustrated below is the Contents of this guide.
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