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Other Books 1912 Breton Reprint - 2018 Edition: 
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This book is a full reprint of P. N. Breton's 198 page catalog entitled "Popular Illustrated Guide to Canadian Coins, Medals, &, &", first printed in 1912.  Even though this guide is over 100 years old, it continues to be a valuable reference for present day collectors of pre-confederation coinage.  Originals, which are hard to find, can cost anywhere from $50.00 to $125.00 or more, and are difficult to use due to the age of the paper which has become brittle and fragile with time.  
5 Cents Part II
5 Cents Part III
Reprints, which can cost between $25.00 to $50.00 or more, are equally hard to find.  So, to provide modern day collectors with increased access to this publication in a robust paper back edition, which also gives insight into the early history of currency collecting in Canada, Brookstone Publishing™ has reproduced  as closely as possible, an original copy of P.N. Breton's 1912 catalog.  Not only can serve as a reference for many coins not documented in any other books, guides or publications; but it also provides a limited reference for popular Canadian medals of the day.
1912 Breton Reprint
1894 Breton Reprint
  Included in this book is an additional 70 pages for current pricing of Breton Tokens, descriptions of Courteau number 251 to 319 for tokens of Nova Scotia and a index to help match a token to a Breton Number.
For this issue, nearly 300 new listings were added to reflect recent auction results as well as the addition Courteau's numbering system for Tokens of Nova Scotia.
Over 1000 obverse and reverse engravings of coins and tokens used in Canada from 1670 to 1894, along with over 400 engravings of 207 different Canadian medals.
The Breton numbering system regularly used by collectors and dealers of pre-confederation coinage, which runs from 500 to 1013.
The prices paid for coins in 1912, along with current pricing tables for nearly 1,600 Breton Tokens (which includes varieties).  Nearly 9,800 price points are used to build the tables for current pricing.
All of the 198 original pages of this guide reproduced in this guide, along with 12 pages added for descriptions of Courteau Numbers 251 to 319 for Tokens of Nova Scotia, 30 pages for current pricing and 26 pages for a Breton Number look-up index.
The Breton Number index has been added to greatly simplify matching a token to a Breton Number.  This index can save much time in trying to determine which Breton Number should be assigned to a token.
Current pricing for Breton Tokens ordered by their Breton Numbers.  
Below is the contents pages for P.N. Breton's 1912 catalog along with addited sections.  As shown in the contents page, numerous medals have been included along with engravings of Breton tokens.  In the 20th century, collectors shifted away from private coinage and instead sought out issues by the Government of Canada.  Due to their rarity/scarcity and limited trade, many of the private tokens found in this catalog are not referenced in other sources.  So, for collectors wanting reference material on these limited issue private tokens of the 19th century, P.N. Breton's calatog fills the need.
In addition, present day pricing has been added to P.N. Breton's 1912 work, along with an index that makes it easy to match a Breton Number to a Breton Token.

Of the 268 pages in this reprint of P.N. Breton's 1912 work entitled "Popular Illustrated Guide to Canadian Coins, Medals, &. &.", 198 pages are of the original work and the remaining 70 pages have been added to include present day pricing, a Breton Number lookup index, descriptions of Courtea Numbers 251 to 319 and a book index.  82 pages of the original work contain over 400 engravings of 207 different medals, and 91 pages contain over 1000 engravings for Breton Tokens numbered 501 through 1013.  Also found in the original work are 15 pages that list the prices for these medals and coins in 1912.  
While many of the coins found in this guide are familiar to token collectors today, there are even more that are not.  Hence, this book can be a useful reference for anyone interested in knowing more about pre-confederation coinage used in Canada, and having a reference for the Breton numbering system.  Below are two sample pages of what you will find in this book. 
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