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Professional Edition
Still available from Brookstone Publishing is the 3rd edition of Canadian Currency Collection™ Price Guide for Notes!  This 240 page issue includes pricing for Chartered Bank notes.  
Professional Edition Views
Basic Edition
Basic Edition Views
1912 Breton Reprint
Bank Notes
Bank Notes Views
Pricing for Government Issue notes for Federal (Dominion of Canada), Provincial and Municipal Government issues – from 1820 to 1925.
Pricing for Bank of Canada Series I-VI Notes (1935-2005).
Pricing for nearly 150 different Chartered Banks – from 1817 to 1943. 
Pricing for nearly 8,000 different items.
Pricing for up to 15 specially numbered Bank of Canada notes (Radar, Ladder, etc.).
Over 48,000 price points in total.
The most comprhensive single source price guide available on the market.
Basics on banknote collecting.
The images below illustrate what you will find in this guide.  In addition to the Contents page, are three other index pages that illustrate how the listings of notes for Chartered Banks, Government Issues and the Bank of Canada are organized.
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