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Other Books Illustrated Reference Guide for 5 Cents Coins of Canada Part III - 1st Edition:
5 Cents Part I
Brookstone Publishing™ is now offereing a 394 page 1st Edition Illustrated Reference Guide for 5 Cents Coins of Canada, Part III.  It lists 687 different coins for the years 1953 to 1964, with images for 600 of them.  In it are many established and emerging varieties, along with many others that are new to the markeplace.
5 Cents Part II
5 Cents Part III
1912 Breton Reprint
1894 Breton Reprint
687 different coin listings listed with images for 600 of them!  This includes Business Issue coins, Variety coins, Specimen coins and Proof Like coins, along with a Special Edition Commemorative coin.
About 1000 images to help identify coin features.
20 obverse images to assist with grading.
A Brief historiy of the monarch found on the obverse.
Pricing using nearly 4,600 price points.
This 394 page illustrated reference guide for 5 cents coins of Canada is the first for coins dated 1953 to 1964!  It contains listings and images of many variety coins, some of which have never been illustrated anywhere before.  A total of 687 different coins are listed, using about 1000 images to illustrate 600 of them.  20 obverse images are also provided to assist with grading.  

This reference guide has been designed to be current for collectors for years to come, enhancing its value and usability.  This is made possible by having pricing updated in Brookstone Publishing's™ Basic Edition and Professional Edition Price Guides.  Images don't change, but prices do.   So keeping prices seperate from illustrated reference information avoids repeated printing of the same images whenever prices are updated.  As a result, this book will only be revised when enough new coin listings and associated new images are added.   
All known coins are listed including Specimen coins and Proof Like coins.  But of great interest are some exceptional variety coins, some of which are known and regularly traded in the market place, and others in which interest is growing, and still others which collectors need to be aware of.  Be among the first to see what they are!  To get an idea of the contents of this guide, see the sample pages below.
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